Digestive Massage

The abdomen is an extremely vulnerable area, holding most of our organs, sensitive to touch, and too often something we are self conscious, not wanting others to see or touch this area.  However, the abdomen is at the center of our being, it craves touch!

Digestive problems are all too common in this day and age with large numbers of people affected by slow digestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and other gastrointestinal disorders.  Massage can help to ease pain, increase circulation resulting in stagnant deoxygenated, toxin filled blood out and fresh oxygenated blood to the organs, it increase digestion and general movement in the intestines, stimulate gas, and relaxes the abdominal muscles.

Digestive massage is about more than just massaging the abdomen.  It includes muscles throughout the digestive system, facial massage, working the low back, and exploring other muscles that can help increase digestive movement.  Everything in our bodies is connected; working a seemingly nonrelated area, can result in significant benefits.

As this type of work and touch is often unfamiliar, communication on comfort is paramount.  By working together and exploring the connections throughout your body we work to release blocks and holdings that are keeping you from full health.

My passion and interest in digestive massage stems from caring for my best friend with Ulcerative Colitis.  While supporting him during his journey, I often felt called to use my hands to transfer the energy of healing and compassion that I felt.  Although I was not trained in any techniques at the beginning of our journey together, I felt the power of touch and used it intuitively until I felt the time was right to pursue training.  In working very closely with my friend over a period of years, the opportunity to help him through massage has been a true gift and learning experience.  It has given me an intimate understanding of and compassion for the pain and humiliation associated with digestive problems.