Compassionate Massage

Compassionate massage incorporates light touch massage and energy work.  It is aimed at increasing circulation, lymph drainage, boosting the immune system, and transferring love and compassion through gentle therapeutic touch.

This type of massage is suited for immune compromised individuals, oncology patients, elderly, ill, sexually abused, or those who are very sensitive to touch and looking for a more sensitive, subtle session.  The benefits available from this massage can be just as, or more, profound then from an active deep tissue massage.  It all depends on what your body needs at the time.

Compassionate massage is particularly grounding, focused on bringing you into your body.  When illness enters our lives, it is common to feel dis-empowered and go to external solutions when we need to instead go to internal mindfulness where our answers can be found.  Massage brings you out of the external and into the internal, where you are able to rediscover your power of creation and innate wellness.

All human beings need to be touched compassionately in order to not only thrive, but just survive.  Touch is essential at all ages and phases of life.  All too often as we age we no longer get the touch needed.  This is especially true for the ill and frail who need touch the more to regain their strength and health, or just to enhance their sense of value and dignity, to remind them that they are a part of this world and deserve the highest level of care, respect, and compassion.