Self Care

Self Care in the most important part of healing injuries/keeping yourself healthy!  Massage therapy, physical therapy, etc. are excellent ways to speed up and get/keep your health in the right direction; however, you spend a minute amount of time on a therapist’s table compared to everyday life!  Your posture, ergonomics, exercise, stretching, and other self care techniques create the bulk of what will keep you in top shape!

Below are some stretching tips and tools that I recommend.  Click on the images for the links!

Foam Rollers:  These are great for working different parts of your body. It’s like an intense general muscle group self massage.  I find these particularly great for working the IT Band, quads, hamstrings, and lower back.

Foam Roller                      

Travel Size Foam Roller           

Forearm Help:  For those who work on computers, in construction, or any kind of intense work with your hands (including massage therapists!).  This is a great tool for self massage of the forearms.


Stretch!   Whether you practice yoga, Pilates, or just stretch/strengthen  in any other method, a quality mat makes a big difference in your comfort!   While some  mat time looks like traditional yoga, much of it is just doing any movement that feels good and needed at the time!  Remember that dynamic stretching can often be more beneficial than static stretching.

Hot and Cold Therapy:  These are excellent ways to reduce tension and inflammation.  Remember the general rules:  use cold for acute injuries and inflammation, use heat for chronic pain or muscle tension.  I recommend having two sources, one kept in the freezer and one ready for heat (whether that’s putting it in the microwave or plugging it in. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes you can get to fit your needs.

Rice Bags  

Heating Pad